Visit Ferrara, Italy

Do you know Ferrara?

It is one of the most beautiful Italian city of Art, located in the north of the Italian peninsula, in the middle of the Po Valley. Visit Ferrara and see how this city is a people-oriented one and encompasses many artistic treasures that surely will capture your attention.

Our stay in Ferrara was perfect, we were able to see some of the most famous sights:
• Castello Estense
• Piazza delle Erbe and the City Hall
• Cathedral

We ate some good Emilian food, because Emila Romagna is one of the best Italian regions where you can eat great meals living totally immersed in the local culture. Our stay was very fast. We suggest you to stay there at least 3 days to enjoy the other wonders that Ferrara offers you.

Visit Ferrara, the “City of Bicycles”, with its old town that will make you spending some days in the splendor of its past!

(Photo powered by Tourising)