Central Park: serenity in the center of Manhattan

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Central Park: serenity in the center of Manhattan

Central Park is arguably the most noteworthy park in the world. Frederick Law and Calvert Vaux designed it and it covers 843 acres. The park is home to several attractions in New York. Hence lots of beautiful lakes, beautiful green meadows and breathtaking bridges fascinate the visitors!
There are eighteen entrances to the park. Furthermore each of them has its own name. Several of these gates have some decorations: such as the Vanderbilt Gate, Engineers ‘Gate and Merchants’ Gate at Columbus Circle.

If you are looking for relaxation and tranquility, Central Park is the right place! The “Quiet Zone” are Strawberry Fields, Sheep Meadow, Conservatory Garden, Shakespeare Garden and Turtle Pond.

In addition visit Central Park and two of its restaurants: the Loeb Boathouse and Le Pain Quotidien. The Loeb Boathouse offers meals with a beautiful view of the park, and you can also rent a rowboat for romantic trips. The cost of rental of the boat is quite cheap and it can accommodate up to 4 people. You can also rent bikes. The restaurant is located a short walk from the park entrance on 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Visit Central Park lake 

The main things to do in Central Park

There are a lot of things to see and do in Central Park. You can find sports facilities all over the park. Most of the interesting sights are almost in the lower half of Central Park. You will come across historical buildings, statues, monuments, stunning bridges, and so much nature. Sometimes it seems like you will enter in a forest while other parts of the park are more well-finished.

Choose between:

  • A trip to the Central Park Carousel. It is located at about half the park, at the height of 65th Street;
  • Go shopping in one of the market in New York and then relax and have lunch in Central Park! It can be an unforgettable experience and above all relaxing. The best places for picnics are Sheep Meadow and the Great Lawn;
  • Boat ride: if you visit Central Park, as recommended before, the boat rental is quite cheap, and therefore it is certainly a pleasurable experience;
  • Visit Central Park if you are a walker but also if you like to keep fit practicing jogging. It has lots of places and hidden corners to explore;
  • The park is also perfect for cruising on the bikes or rollerblades on a reserved lane. Be aware that the internal paths of the park are, however, forbidden to cyclists (they are footpaths). You can rent bikes at the Loeb Boathouse;
  • New York offers guided horseback tours through Central Park, but they request an advanced level;
  • There are plenty of sports facilities. There are tennis, basketball, baseball, softball , bowling, croquet fields etc. Furthermore be aware that you need a permission to use some of these facilities;
  • In Central Park you can go fishing and swimming (there is an outdoor pool). And in addition what about taking a boat ride? You have two options: on The Lake (from Loeb Boathouse, $ 12 per half hour and $ 6 for 15 minutes) or small sailboats at Conservatory Pond;
  • You can also go ice skating in New York! Another thing is that the cross-country skiing is very popular when there is enough snow;
  • Take a horse-drawn carriage ride! You can find cabs in the South (in front of the Plaza Hotel), $ 50 for the first 20 minutes and $ 20 each subsequent 15 minutes;
  • In addition you can also see a show at Delacorte Theater;
  • Finally remeber that you can “get lost” if you visit Central Park. Arm yourself with a map and comfortable shoes and turn aimlessly.
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The must-see attractions in Central Park

Especially relevant when you visit Central Park there is the “Statue Alice in Wonderland” (east) and the fountain “Angel of Waters” (in the center of the park). There is also the Jacklin Kennedy-Onassis Reservoir (in the middle of the park), the Mall and Strawberry Fields (west zone). The famous mosaic with the world imagine was dedicated to John Lennon murdered nearby. And it was a gift from the city of Naples in Italy.

Go and visit:

Central Park Zoo: It is one of the park’s most famous attractions. The zoo has exhibits divided into several regions such as a tropic zone and polar circle. Its residents include polar bears, snow leopards, red pandas and penguins.

Bethesda Terrace: Probably it is one of Central Park’s architectural highlights. The terrace has a central covered arcade and two staircases that lead to a plaza. The focal point of the plaza is the Bethesda Fountain with its statue, Angel of the Waters. It commemorates the opening of a system which for the first time provided New York with clean water. It overlooks the Lake and the Loeb Boathouse, where you can rent rowing boats or even a gondola.

Bow Bridge and Ramble: Visit Central Park and its many bridges – each with a unique design. Especially relevant it is the 18 meter long Bow Bridge. In here the Park is at its most natural, with narrow paths hiding through the trees.

Belvedere Castle: Belvedere Castle stands at the highest point in the park. The tower overlooks Turtle Pond, named for the many turtles that live here.

Shakespeare Garden: The garden contains plants that were mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays. Stairs connect the garden with a Swedish Cottage.

Conservatory Garden: The north part of Central Park is less visited and there are also less interesting sights except for this garden. The gardens are adorned with several beautiful fountains, including “Three Dancing Maidens”.

Charles A. Dana Discovery Center: In conclusion, bordering the Harlem area, there is Harlem Meer, one of the largest lakes in Central Park. The pretty Victorian-style building near the lake is quite nice.


Central Park: Our Conclusions

Definitely the best days to visit Central Park are on Saturday and Sunday, since there is the sun, when it is populated by people of New York who exercise or simply stroll with their family.

Finally, the advice we can give is to consider more days on a visit to Central Park in New York. The main reason is because it is huge and offers a lot of activities you can do inside. We visited it in at the end of the summer, when the trees were still green and lush. But it is splendid also and especially in autumn when the leaves change color in orange and brown tones.

Oh, and do not forget to visit Central Park and its surroundings with its wonderful museums such as the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim and the Natural History. Fall in love with New York, fall in love with its park, enjoy the most beautiful sunsets ever, stretched out on his lawn or on the shores of one of its many lakes, with its magnificent skyscrapers in the background.
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