Visit Assisi during Christmas: art, culture and food in a unique place!

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Visit Assisi during Christmas: art, culture and food in a unique place!

Visit Assisi, especially during the Christmas period. We give you this advice because last year Assisi was the destination of our Christmas holiday. Our experience was very positive!

Assisi meets in a small town the best of Italian culture:

  • Art, a classic typical medieval town in central Italy;
  • Food, the Umbrian cuisine is famous all over the world;
  • Religion, with its important Christian Basilica it is annually the destination of pilgrimage for many believers.

But let’s go in order! So, continue to read and, with our small guide, you will able to live the best that this beautiful town can offer!

Visit Assisi

Visit Assisi: a brief introduction

As a holy city of Christendom, Assisi is located in the heart of Umbria in central Italy, not far from Perugia. Therefore Asissi is a continuous destination for pilgrims who want to see and retrace the places connected with the life of San Francesco di Assisi.


Art: Assisi UNESCO Heritage

In this small Medieval town everything seems to talk about San Francesco. In 2000, together with almost all of its territory, Assisi was included in the list of the World Heritage Sites. For UNESCO, it represents the historical continuity of a city-sanctuary from its Roman and medieval origins to the present.

Consequently the World Heritage Committee has included the Basilica and other Franciscan places in his list because they represent a collection of masterpieces of human creative genius and a fundamental reference for art history in Europe and in the world.
In particular, the Basilica of San Francesco is an outstanding example of a type of architectural ensemble that has influenced the development of art and architecture. In addition, the artist Giotto linked his name to the city. Giotto has the paternity of the four important frescoes overlying the Tomb of San Francesco. Probably this is the most important and interesting cycle of paintings of the Franciscan iconography.

First of all here there is the list of things to see in Assisi:

  • Piazza del Comune, in which there is the Temple of Minerva;
  • the Basilica of San Francesco, with the Upper Church and the Lower Church;
  • the Basilica of Santa Chiara, where you can admire the remains of the Saint and the Wooden Crucifix;
  • finally the Porziuncola in Santa Maria degli Angeli, the church where San Francesco began its celebrations.

Food and wine: a gastronomic tour in the city of Assisi

Especially relevant is the cuisine, typical of central Italy, which is essentially simple: oil, black truffles and wine are undoubtedly the stars.

The golden and fruity oil of this land enhances any dish without covering its flavor. Another thing is the black truffle, very appreciated as a condiment for pasta or to accompany the game. Since the terrain is famous for practicing the viticulture art and because of the temperate climate it gives birth to DOC wines. Most noteworthy and among all there are the Assisi Grechetto and Assisi Rosso.


Religion: visit the city of San Francesco Assisi

First of all in Assisi, during the Jubilee of 2016, in its Basilica, they hosted the second “Holy Door” most important after that of St. Peter. As a result of the tranquility of the place every year millions of pilgrims come to Assisi and they manage to have a unique religious experience. 


Visit Asissi: Our conclusion

In conclusion we suggest, under the Christmas period, to arm yourself with scarf and hat, and go looking for each original angle of the town. Lose yourself in the narrow streets and enter in the typical shops that sell simple but tasty food at the same time. Furthermore go and discover the taverns and small restaurants that offer a unique dining experience. In addition you should definitely take a look at the shops where tradition and quality are guaranteed at reasonable prices: you can find natural products, souvenirs and other local crafts.
Finally reach the clearing in front of the Basilica and admire the immense scene of the Nativity in natural fit.

Happy Holiday to everyone!

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