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The Tour of the Empire State Building – New York

The Tour of the Empire State Building is a worth doing tour during a stay in New York City. The Empire is definitely, from our point of view, the skyscraper “symbol of the city” both because it is one of the oldest and because from it you can enjoy a wonderful view, maybe the best in town. The cinema has greatly contributed to its fame, placing in there lots of scenes of many films. The first film appearance is in King Kong, in the final where the famous giant gorilla died because of the fire of the aircraft right on top of the Empire.


(King Kong and the Empire State Building)

The Empire State Building was built between 1930-1931. It is 443 meters high and it was the tallest skyscraper in the city until the construction of the twin towers. After the sunset, it is lit with colored lights which are different from day to day according to a specific timetable. Every combination of colors corresponds to a festival or an important date.

The Tour of the Empire State Building is sensational, it includes:

Visit to the 86th floor, the most popular indoor observation deck, in which you will feel on top of the world. It was the scene of dozens of film and television filming, as well as lots of millions of unforgettable moments. In here you can also visit the exhibit in the open space.

Visit to the 102nd floor, located sixteen floors higher up the observatory at the 86th floor. It offers the most spectacular views of the city and its surroundings. That is the highest open-air terrace in New York. Finally, you can embrace, with a single glance, the 360-degree views of New York and the surrounding area. From here, you can enjoy unique views of the whole Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and more.


How to buy the the Tour of the Empire State Building

You can purchase the Tour of the Empire State Building in the following ways:

• On the spot;

Online, directly from the Empire State Building website. You can immediately realize that there are different offers available depending on your needs;

• Through the purchase of the New York City Pass (chosen by us and highly recommended). By purchasing this package, you will have the chance to see up to six of the major attractions at your choices over the main attractions of New York. The list includes a dual entrance (but on the same day) into the skyscreaper to enjoy the Tour of the Empire State Building. We would highly recommend this option because the saving is very large compared to purchasing the individual tickets.


The Tour of the Empire State Building: our conclusion

What else to say? We suggest, once up to the highest floors, to take a lot of pictures (and then share with us!). Remember to take advantage of the high-powered binoculars to watch the scene more closely.
This skyscraper, which rises ever in Manhattan midtown, remained in our hearts. We still remember the emotion to climb so high. For us it is a symbol of New York, of the modern city and of the old one, in which skyscrapers have started to grow up from the 900. After all, even King Kong was in love with it and hug it till the end!

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