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Cascais, charming town near Lisbon – Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a charming fishing town, on the western tip of the Lisbon coast. For the reason that Cascais is close to Lisbon it is a famous destination for tourists who want to hike in the neighborhood.

The center of the old city sees merging the majestic architecture of the 19th century and the traditional fishermen’s houses. At the same time the region’s beaches are simply breathtaking: the town offers great beaches, historic buildings, immaculate parks and a fascinating coast.
Cascais is a popular holiday destination; it is a wonderful place to visit for a day trip starting from Lisbon, located less than 25 km away.

Cascais is an established tourist destination since the 19th century, unlike many other seaside resorts of the Mediterranean, suddenly arisen with the advent of mass tourism. In 18th century the ruler chose Cascais as his summer residence and later many exponents of Portugal companies imitated him.
It was for this reason that you can find large residences and understand why the town’s nickname is “the city of kings and fish”.  This tendency of high society continues even now and many famous and wealthy people or Lisbon live near Cascais and give to the region a rich and sophisticated atmosphere.


What to see in Cascais

It has several museums and historic homes. Near the fishing harbor there is the Cidadela of Cascais and the new modern marina, while inland lies the Castro Guimaraes Museum and a lovely park. All museums in Cascais are free entry and among them stand out the didactic Museum do Mar, the Centro Cultural de Cascais and the Casa Das Historias. In the center of Cascais it is the historic part of town that has retained its traditional charm and it is a pleasant place to relax. During the evening fine restaurants serving freshly fish and other local specialties open to tourists and not only. There are also stylish and lively bars which stay open until late at night.

It is a place suitable for couples and young families: visit Cascais for the bright sunny days and admire the magnificent coastline appreciating the nature and warmth of the local people!

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