Nightly, a Travel Startup to book 2 hotels in combination

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Nightly, a Travel Startup to book 2 hotels in combination

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Probably you are wondering about the reason of this title: Nightly, Startup of the double booking combination. You will have an explanation about it, but, first of all, let’s go with order! The Nightly team contacted us directly by Twitter and explained their business model and so we want to share the information with you! We are the first Italian people talking about Nightly, but we have not found out anything new. In the United States Nightly is already quite famous: Forbes inserted this new business idea in an article talking about the 10 most promising Startup of 2017. Let’s see what it is!

Nightly is an online booking platform in which users can book the best hotels they want to stay in at the lowest rates available on the internet. Until here that is nothing new. But the newest thing is that users can book 2 hotels in combination, looking for an upgrade, with a revolutionary search algorithm.

Nightly: book 2 Hotels in combination

Nightly wants to offer you a different kind of booking! When we are travelling on holiday, we usually book only one hotel for our entire stay. Nightly suggests to arrange 2 hotels.
Why? This combination will allow you to unlock upgrades and offer to enhance you guest experience.
How? Looking for hotels some with very special offers for the latest rooms left or for those which have to be sold during special periods of the year. Nightly based its business on the following distinctive elements:

  1. you can save from 30% to 50% of the budget by researching deals for specific days;
  2. there is a real possibility to have an upgrade in high stars hotels;
  3. the experience of trying different hotels.

This interesting idea is definitely original and currently unique in the market.
Visit the official website of Nightly and book fabulous hotels thanks to their great and revolutionary algorithm!

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  1. Clement December 17, 2017 at 2:10 am - Reply

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