A wonderful Museum Station in Rome: San Giovanni Metro C

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A wonderful Museum Station in Rome: San Giovanni Metro C

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On Saturday, the 1st of April, it opened to the public the new San Giovanni museum station for a first visit in preview that allowed to see the space used and the exposed furnishings that will make the station a real archaeological museum.  The station, however, will become operative only in autumn, by connecting the line C with the line A. The opening to the public and the start of the new train services are expected for the final months of 2017.

It is the first museum station of the Roman metropolitan network. With an atrium full of numerous ancient artifacts, it is opened to the public even if you do not have to take the train.

The Superintendence for the Colosseum with the Sapienza University have made an unique archaeological station. It, through some wall panels and display cases, shows the rests found during the excavations. The rests are for example a farm of the Vespasiano Era, plates of a nineteenth tavern, kernels of peach crops. A path that describes the succession of times depending on the depth.

The Museum Station in Rome: the exhibition spaces

The station looks like a space of three floors, deep over 20 meters and with a total area of 3,000 square meters. There is a connecting tunnel with the line A which, however, is not yet operational. Among the findings included in the glass cases there are pieces of pipes in clay of an irrigation system of the early imperial period. Furthermore there are amphorae and ancient tools of the first century after Christ. They also found pitchforks, gold jewelries, coins, oil lamps, potteries and pieces of statues. The new station is a jewel itself that is alone worth a visit.

The construction of the Line C of the Rome metro runs through the vast areas of the urban periphery and important areas of the historic center. It required a special attention to archaeological and conservation aspects of the cultural heritage. This attention is both in the planning stage is the execution of the work. A task made possible thanks to the careful work of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome.
The moral duty was to give back to the citizens not only a station, but also a journey. Travelling through the history of the place and through the various transformations of the place by man.

San Giovanni is not only a museum station, but also a real journey. This journey goes through a series of exhibits and information panels. All of this offers to the Roman citizens and to tourists visiting the city a rare sight in a metropolitan transport framework with lots of archaeological finds and unique finds!

The curious citizens, families, children, local residents, were able to walk around, inside the new museum station, and enjoy this beautiful space.

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