Zagare Bay, the best beach in the North of Puglia – Italy

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Zagare Bay, the best beach in the North of Puglia – Italy

Zagare Bay

We would like to share with you a great destination, maybe not known by all the people, thanks to the suggestion to @stefantasi (thanks also for the photo!).

Which place are we talking about? The wonderful Zagare Bay, in the north of Puglia, more precisely in the Gargano area. Do you know it? We unfortunately don’t! But after taking some information about it, we intend to visit it very soon and now we will explain you why.

How to reach the Zagare Bay

The beach is not easy to access, but there are four ways to reach it:
1. Staying at Hotel Baia delle Zagare (it is a hotel that we strongly recommend);
2. Obtain a Daily Pass at the town of Mattinata (FG) to reach the Zagare Bay doing the same path that the Hotel’s customers can do (limited number);
3. By the sea, with the mini-cruises that depart daily in the morning from the pier;
4. Through a path, with a 20-minute walk, that will take you to the beach.

Personally, we have already got curious, because we much prefer places like this which have not been affected by “mass tourism”, but let’s move on! Arriving at the Bay, you will find yourself in front of a picturesque postcard, the clear water and the two stacks will take your breath away!


Why is it called “Zagare Bay”?

All of this is really beautiful, but now you’re probably asking: why is it called Baia delle Zagare?
“Zagara” is the fragrant citrus blossom which grows in the park above. That’s right, in addition to the crystal clear sea, the cliffs and to maintain a suitable distance from the mass tourism, this bay is located beneath a scented park. The scent and the sound of the sea will join those of the park and make your day even more memorable.


The Zagare Bay is, in our opinion, the most beautiful beach of Gargano and one of the most beautiful in Puglia. It definitely worth a visit!  As for the other posts related to the Puglia, in order to have additional information regarding the Zagare Bay, we recommend  you to visit the Facebook Page Puglia.

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    Very interesting post! Thanks for your advise!

    • Tourising August 30, 2016 at 8:30 pm - Reply

      Thanks Andrew! If you need more information about Zagare Bay, feel free to contact us!

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