Rome is Rome, but the romans must return to being Romans

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Rome is Rome, but the romans must return to being Romans

We start asking you to share this post on the Social Network, because we consider it very important. This will be an unusual post. We do not want to share with you only great photos but also our mood. Rome is Rome, but the romans must return to being Romans. We want to describe our last weekend in the eternal city, but first we need to make some observations.

During the last electoral campaign for the designation of the mayor of Rome, one of the candidates presented himself with the slogan of “Roma torna Roma”. He was wrong and we will explain why. Too often we read articles, especially in the foreign press, or we listen to some television services, in which they talk only about the  City’s problems. The Romans are living in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction for too long and they are feeling passive part of a city in disarray.

There are real problems, we must not bury our heads in the sand and that is why we invite the new mayor, Virginia Raggi to do her best and to do it with the utmost haste (e.g. to complete the Line C of the subway, making more efficient the public transport and to solve the problem of the waste management).

However we believe that the most important change has to come from the consciousness of the Romans themselves. Rome is Rome, but the romans must return to being Romans. One more time, to return to being Romans means feeling proud of the city where we live in, contributing to its improvement without forgetting the immense beauty that offers us daily. Rome belongs to the Romans and only they can care of it.

We often read the blog “Roma fa schifo” that, on the contrary to what the title might make it look like, puts emphasis on: “Who has reduced the most beautiful city in the world in this way?

In this post we want to add something. We want to show you what makes Rome the most amazing city even now.

Here it is how we spent our weekend, and we recommend to follow our suggestions:

  • Friday, August 12th
    A long walk from the Imperial Forum, the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia and the Arch of Constantine, which ends with the vision of two shows, Viaggio nei Fori. Seeing the Forum of Caesar and the one of Augustus it creates feelings that are hard to tell. The total immersion in the ancient Rome, with light games and multimedia reconstructions in the most fascinating archaeological area of the world, creates emotional sensations in the heart of everyone. It is art under the stars.
  • Saturday, August 13th
    After a stroll between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, we enter in the Park of Villa Borghese to see the show “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the stunning location of Globe Theatre, a magnificent reconstruction of the Elizabethan age theater made by wood. All of this is art under the stars.
  • Sunday, August 14th
    We spend the afternoon relaxing in the park in the Eur area. Even here, with a disarming simplicity Rome can create a unique atmosphere that allows everybody to transform an ordinary afternoon in a delightful experience. We transfer to Trastevere, in the heart of the authentic medieval Rome. Here you can find beautiful streets, full of tourists, and many different locals such as restaurants, pubs and bars. We have a romantic dinner along the river Tevere, which, like every summer, fills its sides with stalls, restaurants and also shops. While walking back to the car, in that moment, we realize what we have in front our eyes: Rome is art under the stars!


Now check the photos and retrace with us our weekend in Rome.


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  1. Sandra August 30, 2016 at 8:44 am - Reply

    Great Pictures!

  2. Marco September 1, 2016 at 12:41 am - Reply

    You are right! I’m a native Roman and now I’m living in Scotland but every time I come back to my family in Italy I use to visit Roma as it is my first time. Sometimes we forget about the masterpieces which Roma offers.
    Great article!

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