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Many people think that San Gimignano is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. We are in complete agreement. The proximity to Florence, Siena, Volterra and the Chianti Valley makes it even more attractive a visit to San Gimignano. It is a must-do tour in one of the most beautiful lands of Tuscany.

Why San Gimignano is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy?

Visiting San Gimignano means going back in time, pruning tourists to the Italian “Età dei Comuni”. Moreover, as in many areas of Tuscany, here you can enjoy a delicious local cuisine, enriched by the excellent wine “Vernaccia di San Gimignano”. San Gimignano is famous for its architecture and for its towers that make it a unique town. In the most important period for the city, the rulers built about 72 towers as a symbol of their wealth. Today, unfortunately, only 14 of them remain, but they, at the same time, contribute to make the small town’s atmosphere fascinating and full of history.

The first time we visited San Gimignano, we immediately understood why it was considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. The tourist, involved from the medieval atmosphere and style, unlike it often happens, in front of his eyes he had not only an old medieval town, but even an evergreen town, adaptable to any historical epoch. In San Gimignano, the medieval architecture manages to look elegant and slender.

To do in San Gimignano:

  • The “Piazza della Cisterna”, a crossroads between the Via Francigena, Pisa and Siena;
  • The “Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà”;
  • “Torre Grossa”, with its 54 meters high, will be able to offer you a breathtaking view;
  • “Piazza del Duomo”, the center of the religious and politics life of the town.

Italy is famous for its small towns, and this type of tourism fully supports tourism of the big cities such as Florence, Rome, Bologna etc. It is difficult to establish with certainty the cities to be considered among the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. In any case we must to reserve a place among these to San Gimignano.
Finally, if we have to describe San Gimignano in two lines, we would like to do it in this way:

“It is amazing how in San Gimignano the clock seems to have stopped, but at the same time you can feel in there a sense of actuality”.


(Photo powered by Tourising)