Volterra, the famous city of the alabaster, for your holidays in Tuscany

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Volterra, the famous city of the alabaster, for your holidays in Tuscany

For your holidays in Tuscany, visit Volterra, one of the many small villages scattered throughout Italy.
There is no topic more relevant at this time. After that a dangerous earthquake, in the last recent days, had shaken Italy, and in particular, Umbria and Marche regions, we lost some beautiful villages destroyed in the rubble.
Consequently it is a shame that many villages no longer exist or are partially damaged. It was worth to visit them. It is worth visiting them all! They are all rich in history and artistic charm. Therefore it deserves to drop by and enjoy exhibitions, tours and why not, enjoy good food and good wine.

Hence, in this post, we want to present Volterra as a suggestion for your next holidays in Tuscany. Volterra is a charming town in the province of Pisa, close enough to Siena on the east side and to the coast on the west one. It is especially famous for its Etruscan origins and its subsequent development as a medieval city.

Holidays in Tuscany: Visit Volterra

A brief history of Volterra

Velathri” was the Etruscan name of Volterra. It was one of the 12 most important cities of Etruria. At the end of the fourth century BC, they have made the walls of just over 7 km which were used to protect the historic center, but also the fields and pastures from the warlike people’s attacks. After being under the rule of the Franks, and later, of the Lombards, Volterra came under the Romans who gave it the new name of “Volaterrae“. Finally, the Florentines and later the Grand Duchy of Tuscany took power. Only at the end in 1860 Volterra became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

What to visit in Volterra

Probably, among the many interesting places to visit in your holidays in Tuscany, Volterra has lots of relevant things to do and see:

  • first of all there is the city wall, built in the fourth century BC;
  • then the two gates of the town, Porta Diana and the Porta dell’Arco;
  • the Acropolis which hosts several old buildings and the foundations of two ancient temples;
  • the fascinating Roman theater, built on a hill slope that naturally resembles the shape of an amphitheater;
  • the Medici fortress, built on order of Lorenzo the Magnificent;
  • the Romanesque Cathedral and the Baptistery of San Giovanni;
  • the Piazza dei Priori and the Art Gallery. In the Museum of Volterra there are some important works of art, including the famous “Deposition” by Rosso Fiorentino;
  • the Alabaster Museum, which houses over 300 works of art in alabaster, in fact, built between the 18th and the 19th century;
  • finally the Palazzo dei Priori, built in the 13th century, is located in Piazza dei Priori, and was built in 1246. In the nineteenth century they modified it by the addition of a crown at the top of the tower. Inside, in the Great Council Hall, one can admire the nineteenth-century decorations and coats of arms.


Today Volterra is a popular destination for people who want to spend their holidays in Tuscany. Volterra is famous both for its traditional products, both for its urban layout that recalls its Etruscan origins.
The film New Moon, based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel, gave more fame to the Tuscan town since the writers have set here the film.

In conclusion walk through the streets of the old town of Volterra and enjoy the ride to the timeless magic that surrounds the city. Taste the typical products! Browse within the artisan boutiques, where you will find many gift ideas of your holidays in Tuscany. Find your ideas especially among the wonderful alabaster objects that make Volterra famous all over the world.

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