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The Mystery of Stonehenge – England

Stonehenge, England

And if the destination of your next trip will be the most mysterious place in the world? We are talking about the mystery of Stonehenge! Stonehenge is a Neolithic site near London, in England. It is a circular setting of large standing stones known as “megaliths”. Stonehenge, arguably the most famous of all megalithic sites, lies in an isolated position. At first glance, this enigmatic site is unique in the world. It appears smaller than you think. In reality his greatest stone rises to 6,7 meters out of the ground, and 2,4 meters under the ground.

Some scientists argue that the mystery of Stonehenge represents an “ancient observatory”, with a special meaning to the solstice and equinox points, although the extent of its use for this purpose is still debated.
For its rare beauty and uniqueness, the site became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986.

The Stonehenge site may have been the oldest “tourist destination” in the world since there the archaeologists found mummies of people lived thousands of years ago away from England. Nowadays, as well as destination for mass tourism, Stonehenge is now a place of pilgrimage for many followers of Celtism, Wicca and other neo-pagan religions.


The mystery of Stonehenge never ceases to surprise

Recently, thanks to the use of technologies that scan the ground, they discovered 17 new monuments, hidden under the sediments. A short distance from the famous megaliths circle, the scientists found a lot of elements. In there they found mapped channels, burial sites, artificial mounds, excavations, and signs of ancient buildings. Stonehenge was more than a circular monument. It presented other related facilities, but scientists did not expect such a large amount of other anthropogenic evidences. There are still a lot of things to discover there! In the meanwhile, if you want to make a fascinating experience and shrouded in the mystery of Stonehenge, we recommend an excursion to see the ruins emerged from the soil.
And, who knows, while you are walking on the grass, probably you will hear echoing the voices of the Past that want to appear!

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