The benefits of using Airbnb

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The benefits of using Airbnb

We invite you to use Airbnb if you have not booked anything with it. In this post we will show you all the benefits of using Airbnb, a very smart application: simple, safe and increasingly widespread.

If you have our same preferences about travel and hate the monotony and the super-organized trips, Airbnb is the right choice for you! But let’s start from the beginning. Click on this discount code and enter the Airbnb website. Otherwise download the mobile app for Android or iOS, then click again on this discount code.

Just by registering, in a totally free way, you will be entitled to a discount of 30 € on your first booking. Register by entering your data as in any other web site and enter a payment method (it is okay a prepaid card) that will be useful at the time of booking.

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Finding an apartment

From that moment, it’s a done deal! Start finding, in your results, the apartment in which you want to spend your holiday. I advise you to always do a general search, inserting:
Place     • Number of guests     • Date

This first search is helpful for you to get an overview, the prices and all the available types of apartment. After that, there are lots of filters that can be used to skim the search, as the type of accommodation:
Flat     • Room     • Shared apartment

And the services you want to have:
Wifi     • TV     • Kitchen     • N° beds     • N° rooms

Once you find the property you like, you can contact the host by applying Airbnb application (although it is not mandatory, it is a step which we highly recommend) to clarify any doubts or make additional requests. At this point, you can proceed with the payment, and if you use the discount code for the registration, you will save € 30!


The benefits of using Airbnb

Finally we explain the benefits of using Airbnb. We often use Airbnb because it is a convenient platform, much cheaper than the reservation of a hotel, and that can give a sense of belonging to the city that you visit, not comparable to other more traditional solutions. In addition, we hope you are lucky enough, like us, to always find a very kind host; he or she can come out from the typical patterns of a normal receptionist and give support by advising how to enjoy in the best way the visit of the city. Last but not least, because of the cheap cost of Airbnb, you may enjoy the best location in each city, even in a famous Avenue or in a District where usually are located hotels exclusively starting from 4-star and up!

Airbnb Cons

In our opinion, there are no disadvantages in using Airbnb than a traditional hotel reservation system. Especially if you are guests who use the hotel only for breakfast and for sleeping at night!
Good stay to all of you! With Airbnb, of course!

PS: Next time we will discuss how to use Airbnb as a Host.

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