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Tourising is the idea of a group of friends who have the passion for travel and for the web. In here we will talk about all the topics regarding the tourism with a particular focus on the social travel world.

The more we traveled, the more we felt the need to share with others our travelling experiences and for this reason Tourising was born. That’s a place for making everyone participating to our voyages: we will share with you the experience of our travels and stories! You can look for information to help organizing the best vacation ever and learning about travel destinations, food and culture as well as practical travel tips.

Obviously feel free to contact us for more information about each destination we talked in our posts.
We are digital natives and we want to exploit the endless possibilities offered by the Internet. We are getting fed up with searching old reviews that don’t fit our needs, wasting our time surfing the web without finding all the information we are looking for. When we are planning to go on vacation we could have the possibility to chat and ask for information about places that people have already visited.

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Increase your Social Branding

We could use the Social Network to interact and create a community for ourselves. Share your Travels, increase your Social Branding and help potential tourists to arrange their holiday.

We also would like hearing from you about your thoughts, so please leave us a comment on the blog posts! Our blog posts and articles will help you to travel better and in a smarter way.
Travelling is nice, but it must also be easy!

Come join us and relive our and your experiences! Happy travel to all!